A warm welcome to The Clown Collective !
An ambitious project in collaboration with the
community. Only 6666 clowns are available to
mint. We aim to be one of the most engaging
and generous projects on the blockchain.

Loot Trunk

6666 First Edition Loot Trunks

We are excited to bring all members of the Clown Collective a special series one edition of The Loot Trunk. In December, all clown holders will receive one Loot Trunk each containing:

1 x New Collective NFT (100% Chance)

A fresh collection featuring some of the most talented artists in the space. Lead by Giorgio, we aim to yet again provide something unique and different.

1 x The Collective Pass (25% Chance)

This pass will give you priority to Collective drops, events and other surprises in the near future. There will only ever be 1665 passes with this being the only way to acquire them.

1 x First Edition Mysterious Key (10% Chance)

More details to follow



Phase 1 - November 2021
'The Grand Opening'
  • The original clown piece 1/1 signed by Giorgio Hdez in 2017 to be auctioned.
  • Proceeds will go to YoungMinds. Find out what your contribution will do.
  • The Clown Collective will be minted.
  • Information regarding the first edition Loot Trunk.
Phase 2 - December 2021
  • Artist collaboration revealed for new collection.
  • The Collective Pass showcase. Upcoming utility and expectations from the pass.
  • Special community / artist collaboration event.
  • Art reveal of the First Edition of Loot Trunk
Phase 3+ - New Year 2021
'The Grand Tour'
  • Community airdrop for Collective Pass.
  • Second special community / artist collaboration.
  • Mysterious Key.
Roadmap Update 2022



Project Lead








Community Manager